2 Die Hard Pawan Fans Are Ready To Fight

Nithiin and Sai Dharam Tej, both actors are diehard fans of Pawan Kalyan. They do not miss any opportunity to display their affection and love towards their demi god Pawan Kalyan; Even Pawan Kalyan fans support these two actor films wholeheartedly. But now these two actors are clashing each other at Box office with their films 'LIE' and 'Jawan' on August 11. Whose film should Pawan Kalyan fans support? Is the million dollar question among the fans.

Nithiin's upcoming film 'LIE', under the direction of Hanu Raghavapudi, is scheduled to release on August 11, 2017. The movie already got nice hype with its posters and peppy Bombhaat song. On the other hand Sai Dharam Tej, who is working hard to deliver a hit movie after flop of his last two films Thikka and Winner, is also looking for August 11 as release date for his upcoming film 'Jawan' directed by BVS Ravi.

Now Pawan Kalyan fans are at crossroads because of this clash. They are unable to decide whether they need to support the actor who is not from mega family but is treated as younger brother by none other than Pawan Kalyan himself or they should support the actor who is from mega compound and also nephew to Pawan Kalyan. Fans are requesting these actors to change the release dates so that both films can get unanimous support from Pawan Kalyan fans.