8 Cr + 5 Suites + 5 Bus Class + Hindi %– Sridevi Demands

It is already known that Sridevi was the first choice for the character of Sivagami in the epic historical drama, Baahubali. The makers could not cast her owing to the costly demands from Sridevi. Later the character went to Ramya Krishna and the rest as they say is history.

When Rajamouli was asked about this replacement he said, “Yes, we approached Sridevi first for Sivagami role, she had demanded 8 crore rupees as remuneration, 5 business class tickets every time she comes to shooting, 5 suites in Hyderabad’s top hotel and not stopping there she also had demanded percentage of profit share in Hindi language. Soon we dropped the idea of casting her. I would say we got lucky, because if Sridevi wouldn’t have demanded such astounding amounts, we wouldn’t have gone for Ramya Krishna who was made for that role and now we can say even though if we would have paid that amount to Sridevi, she could'nt have done justice to the Sivagami role”

When Sridevi missed the opportunity to play the Sivagami role, she had played a similar queen role in Tamil flop movie “Puli”, where she demanded 6 crores as remuneration and later filled a case against the producers of that movie saying that she had not received balance of 50 lakhs.