Actor Forces Chiranjeevi to Give His Cycle Back

Hero Nani, who had been torturing chiranjeevi to buy him a cycle, finally gets his wish fulfilled after nearly three years. 

It started in 22 August 2014, when Nani asked chiranjeevi to give his cycle back while wishing him happy birdthday. “Dear chiranjeevi gaaru I want my cycle back and also wish u a very happy birthday #oneandonlymegastar”. But he did not get any response from chiranjeevi. 

Not stopping there when he recently appeared on season 5 of Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu, he brought the same topic again and demanded chiranjeevi to give his cycle back.

"My parents bought a cycle for me in my childhood. I went to Satyam theater to watch Chiranjeevi sir's 'Master'. I was succeeded in getting ticket amidst huge crowd. Unfortunately, I lost my cycle. Although I enjoyed watching the film, at the end of the show I was worried with the incident. Then I decided to ask you my cycle one day or the other. During the shoot of 'Bhale Bhale Magadivoy', I asked my lost cycle to Aravind garu but there was no response. And now, I demand you to give my cycle back," asked Nani

Thinking that this guy will not leave him, Chiranjeevi had sent a cycle to Nani’s Home. Sharing his happiness Nani said "And the boy got his cycle back As promised on the show, Chiranjeevi Garu sent me this super cool cycle! #MegastarForAReason"(sic). 

Meanwhile, Fans of Chiranjeevi are also asking the star to give their Shirts, T-shirts, Wallets and Mobiles back, which were destroyed/lost while getting tickets for his films. Need to see if Megastar obliges his fans request or not.