Actress Kicks Up a Storm With Breastfeeding

Model turned actress Lisa Haydon kicked up a storm on social media after posting the breastfeeding picture with her three-month-old son on image sharing portal Instagram. Lisa gave birth to Zack Lalvani on May 17. In her series of posts, she posted how important breastfeeding is for the new born and how beneficial breastfeeding is for both women and baby. While some people appreciated her for bringing awareness on breastfeeding, others started murmuring about posting such private things in public platform.

“I've gotten loads of posts asking about life after having my son... esp to do with weight and fitness. Seeing as it's World Breastfeeding Week- time to give some credit where credit is due. Breastfeeding has played such a big part in getting back into shape after giving birth to my baby. Breastfeeding has been challenging+time consuming (literally hours spent everyday trying to stimulate milk supply) but it's such a beautiful way to bond and connect with your child plus all the nutritional benefits that your child gets from your milk.” Shared Lisa Haydon

Lisa married her boyfriend Din Lalvani after dating him for a year. Dino is the son of Pakistan-born British entrepreneur Gullu Lalvani. The Chennai-born actress Lisa haydon, after living most of her life abroad, returned to Mumbai in 2007 to build a career in modelling. She was spotted by Anil Kapoor and immediately received an offer from him to act in 2010 comedy film “Aisha”. From then on, there was no looking back for her.