Actress Says,

Telugu Television anchor and actress Rashmi Gautam is busy giving interviews for her upcoming film “Next Nuvve”. She is playing as second heroine in this movie and will be seen romancing young hero Aadi Saikumar. Rashmi, who is known for playing the role of a seductress in movies such as Guntur Talkies and Antham, says that she don’t wont people to brand her as sex bomb.

“Even though I had been in film industry for a long time and have done several films in the past, my glamour quotient is what that worked out for me. However, I don’t want people to brand me as sex bomb as I can do other characters as well. I am not saying that I am averse to such scenes from now on but I have become wiser now and choose based on my offers.”

“There are many girls in our industry who expose out of their personal choice. Compared to them, I am not even showing 30 per cent of my skin. I don’t have the best body in the world, as I am a normal and regular girl. I never thought that I would become a glamorous girl like this, but it happened unexpectedly and I accepted it. As long as these roles are justified, I am okay doing them. I have glamour and I am showing it off. After some years, even if I want to show it, I don’t think anyone will be ready to see It.” shared Rashmi Gautam