Actress Takes U-Turn After Sensational Comment

Actor Richa Chadha came in to spotlight recently after making some sensational comments on Bollywood film heroes and directors. She revealed saying, “If I open my mouth about casting couches in Bollywood, we will lose a lot of heroes and several people will lose their lives’ work, their legacies. I think that’s what people will attack - they can’t attack them monetarily so they will go after the legacies. And it will happen, I would think in the next four-five years."

“If you give me pension for life, take care of my safety, my family, ensure I’ll continue to get work in films and TV or whatever I want to do, my career will grow unabated as it is right now after I name and shame somebody, sure I will. Not just me, million others will do that. But who will do it?”

However, after she got lot of messages on social media saying that adequate protection and security would be provided to her from women organizations in India and she should go ahead and reveal those names of the people who exploit women in Bollywood, Richa Chadha took her words back and tweeted saying. "I don't need security. I used the 'I' as an example to indicate that whistle-blowers don't have support from the ecosystem. Putting an end to this confusion once n for all. I have nothing to REVEAL. Plz leave me alone about this"