All Big Tamil Actors Are Fans of Pawan Kalyan

Director Arun Prasad, who directed Pawan Kalyan's super hit film 'Thammudu', had shared some interesting details about Pawan Kalyan and his fan following in Tamilnadu.

“After releasing 'Thammudu' in Telugu, I had directed the same movie in Tamil with Vijay as hero. The film become super hit in Tamil as well. Vijay became big fan of Pawan Kalyan. Whenever I used to speak with Pawan Kalyan on phone from Chennai, Vijay used to request me to put the phone in speaker mode and used to listen the words of Pawan Kalyan. He used get excited like a kid whenever Pawan Kalyan topic comes between us. Also during those times, Vijay's remuneration was three times higher than Pawan Kaylan’s remuneration, but still he used to like Pawan Kalyan a lot."

"Not just Vijay, most of the big heroes in Tamilnadu used to like Pawan Kalyan; they used to admire him for his mannerisms. Especially Vijay, Ajith, Vikram and Suriya love Pawan Kalyan a lot. Since I have directed Pawan Kalyan, they used to ask me more about him” shared Arun Prasad,