Allu Arjun Full Speech @ Filmfare 2017

Allu Arjun received best male actor critics’ choice award at 64th Filmfare Awards South 2017. He received this award for his performance in the movie 'Sarrainodu'. Prakash Raj presented the award to Allu Arjun. Allu Arjun looked happy receiving this black lady for fifth time in his acting career.

He said “Illa DJ DJ ani arichi sabya samajaniki em message iddamani?. Andariki namaskaram, good evening everybody. You guys are doing a fantastic job siri, congratulations. I would like to thank first my directior Boyapati Srinu garu for making me win this award. It is his vision, ever since my first film released, he is been saying I have been seeing you in certain way and I want you to present in certain way in this film”

“Boyapati Srinu garu , ee award eroju naku vachindatey adi me valle, thank you very much sir and also I would like to thank my father, who is also the producer of this film, thank you dad for producing this move with your son and not losing money unlike other films. Thank you, glad you made some money, please give me also. In addition, I would like to dedicate this award to the greatest legendary director sri Dasari Narayana Rao garu who had left us and gone for the heavenly abode. I humbly request the entire south Indian film fraternity to standup for a moment and pay respects to this man. Thank you”

“Prakash Raj Guruji, I was scared to do first shot in front of this actor and today I am receiving this award for acting from him. If there is anybody who is my inspiration, I can proudly say, one of the greatest influential actor on my mind, in my life is Prakash Raj garu and it is my honor to get this award today from his hands. Thank you”

Host Vijay Deverakonda asked “Bunny we like to know how many filmfare awards you had so far? Geetha arts lo shooting chesavu, Kiran kottu lo unattu unduntay filmfare awardulu me intlo”. Allu Arjun replied him saying “Disti petakandaya, next year ivvaru. I have won three filmfare awards for best actor and one filmfare award for best supporting actor and now I won this award for best critics, I hope I would also win best debutante soon”

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