Allu Arvind Faked, Hence I Got Anger

Rajamouli and Allu Arvind are pioneers in their profession, one is known for delivering futuristic films in Telugu film industry and other is known for having complete control of the production and distribution of Telugu films. When they both collaborated to make a film, the expectation from them would be to deliver all time industry record film, which they have delivered it successfully. However, this collaboration not only delivered all time record during that point of time, but also made them adversaries.

Rajamouli had revealed the reason behind their differences, “After the success of “Simhadri”, the producers of that film didn’t get satisfy with the 100 day records and started publishing fake records using fake theaters numbers, which I felt bad. And during the pre-production works of Magadheera, I brought this topic in front of Allu Arvind and told him that this is not good practice to reveal fake collections and he also agreed with me on that and said that yes that is not right approach and promised me that he will not follow this wrong practice for Magadheera”

“But after the release of Magadheera, Allu Arvind again followed the same approach of publishing the fake collections, when I confronted him saying that we had earlier agreed on this issue, he said that he was doing that because of the pressure from fans, then I told him that since you have not stood by your words, I will not attend 100 days function of Magadheera, because if I attend that function it looks like even I am endorsing your fake collections and hence I stayed away from them” shared Rajamouli, the reason behind their clash.