Amrita's Cheap Comments On Tollywood

After Taapsee Pannu, Ileana D'Cruz and Amy Jackson comments on Tollywood saying that Telugu directors are more interested in skin show of actresses than offering roles for acting, now Mahesh Babu’s Athidhi heroine Amrita Rao had also joined the queue. After Athidhi movie, Amrita Rao had totally stayed away from Tollywood and never came back. When questioned about the reason, the actress mentioned that Tollywood showcases actress as only objects of desire, which she didn’t like.

“After Athidhi got released, I was offered three roles in a month but I didn’t accept any of them. The reason was that I didn’t like the way Tollywood showcased the heroines as mere objects of desire. Somehow that didn’t gel well with me and I refused big projects because I was not comfortable with those roles”

“Many people have advised me that I can make quick money in Tollywood as they pay well, however I was never tempted me to sign on the dotted line as money had never been my priority. Most of the projects which came to me were having intimate scenes with my co actors and I turned it down because I chose my ethics over fame and money. I am glad that I stuck to my choices and associated myself to certain directors who respected my opinion” stated Amrita Rao.