Arjun Reddy In

When some people are demanding to ban “Arjun Reddy” movie saying that ‘Indian values’ should be preserved, as young Indian souls would be corrupted by abusive language and vulgarity shown in the movie, there is another interesting picture going viral in social media.

The above photo is now shared as a reply to congress leader V. Hanumantha Rao saying that “Arjun Reddy” fame Vijay Deverakonda was also used be “Sanskari/ Budhimanthudu” with nerd look and oily hair, But since no one cared about him being so nice, he transformed himself into drug addicted intelligent medico, whom everyone is liking.

Meanwhile, Vijay again had posted another lengthy facebook post slamming VHR, “Dear Thataya, According to your incredibly well thought out logic. If appreciating #ArjunReddy makes KTR my relative. Then SS Rajamouli garu is my father. Rana Daggubati Actor Nani Sharwanand Varun Tej are my brothers. Naku sisters ante feeling Ella untado teliyadu kabbati Samantha Ruth Prabhu Anu Emmanuel and Mehreen Pirzada na mardalu. And 5days lo over 5000+ shows ne full chesina na students, men and women andaru na twins. And RGV sir ithe Mana iddarlo evari father o Inka clarity ledu :D While we are on our feet working and taking Cinema and mindsets forward some of us are stuck in thodagottatam. #ThatayaChill Lots of love, Vijay Deverakonda”