Arjun Reddy's Jhalak To VHR

Arjun Reddy hero, Vijay Devarkonda, gave a mischievous reply to Telangana congress MP V Hanumantha Rao, who tore down “Arjun Reddy” lip lock posters from RTC buses terming them as obscene and vulgar. He stopped all the RTC buses with Arjun Reddy posters and made the driver of those buses tear down the posters.

"TSRTC may stoop to any level for money. Arjun Reddy movie's posters would spoil youth. What message does the TSRTC convey by allowing vulgar posters on the public buses? It's high time the youth also should protest against these vulgar posters. How can government organization support these filthy ads just for the sake of money? Is this what you call 'Bangaru Telangana'?" angry VH questioned Telangana government

Knowing about this incident, hero Vijay Devarkonda replied on his Facebook post saying "Thathayya, Chill". While some Netizens are praising Vijay Devarkonda for giving apt reply to the aging politician, others are asking Vijay to be careful with politicians as they can stop the screening of his film, if situation becomes tense.