Assistant Director Becomes Hero For His Director

Karthi is currently busy with promotions of his next film “cheliya”, which is directed by Mani Ratnam. It’s quite interesting to see how things turn around over the period of time.

In the flashback, Karthi returned from New York with a Master’s degree to become a film director and worked as an Assistant Director to Mani Ratnam for Ayutha Ezhuthu (Yuva in Telugu). He worked with Mani Ratnam for two years and later ventured into acting reluctantly on his father’s advice. Now after 13 years, Mani Ratham requested karthi’s dates to cast him as a hero in his movie “cheliya”

Remembering those times karthi said “I always wanted to have a guru-sishya relationship with Mani sir, like Kamal Haasan’s with Balanchander or Vetrimaaran’s with Balu Mahendra. I’m very excited having got that call to work as his hero. It’s what I’ve been waiting for over the years. I’m glad he even thought that I would fit the bill for the character he has in mind.”

“Mani sir’s writing is so superior, especially the way he portrays women is so beautiful that anybody who acts these roles will be beautiful. Above that, he also takes care of every detail – from making sure that there is not much crowd when we are shooting important scenes to making sure that the atmosphere is calm for us to relax and be that person.”

“For me, working on the sets with Mani Ratnam is so familiar. It is the place where I grew up so I am not nervous here. I have never experienced this thing about discussing what I learnt on the sets with any of my directors before. Mani sir gave me the scope for it and to discuss the nuances of a performance, or a particular scene and that I got only on this film. Discussion on the sets was one of the greatest things about working in this film. Even when he had inputs for a scene, he would tell us to incorporate it only if we believed in it and it worked for us. That kind of a freedom was new for me.” He shared