Balakrishna Again Slipped His Tongue

Nandamuri Balakrishna was caught again on cam with his rude behavior. When his fans came to meet him and take pictures, he lost his cool and abused them with bad words. This video had been viral among the social media with people sharing it multiple times across their circles.

In the video, it is shown that fans are coming one by one and taking photos with Balakrishna, suddenly Balakrishna lost his cool and asked a man “Meetho paatena? ye cheppadaniki noru ledhu..pohh bayatiki, peekala ochi..entra lookuu..pudingi laga.. kottanante aipotav”

Shocked fans did not know how to react and kept recording the video. Anti Balakrishna fans are now happily sharing this video and trolling Nandamuri fans on their hero’s behavior. Whereas Nandamuri fans had got hold of an old video of Chiranjeevi blasting his fans by calling them ‘stupid fellows’ and countering mega fans with that video