Balakrishna Spotted With His Bentley

Nandamuri Balakrishna, who had received Blue Bentley FS as 57th birthday gift from his daughters Brahmani and Tejeswini, was spotted while he was taking the car on joyride. When there is no shooting, the actor is taking the car outside personally without the driver and enjoying the drive.

Balakrishna is known for driving the car himself without any driver, despite soaring levels of congestion, bad roads and traffic in Hyderabad. Over the years, the actor always made sure that his personal cars are of the types explicitly made to be fun to drive. His previous car BMW 7 series was also one such car that races ahead with a single touch on the pedal.

A close source from Balayya's compound said this about him, “He never gets exhausted of driving on any given day not even for a second. Even after coming out from hectic shooting schedules, he wants to drive personally. Whether it is hot or cold or rainy day, he loves to drive the cars himself without giving any chance for others”