Bhallaladeva Competing With Jr.Ntr

Latest trend among the Tollywood actors is Television Shows. With the backing of big corporations, who are ready to pump loads of money in to TV shows, more and more famous actors are coming on board to host TV shows, which was once only seen as a cheap thing. Top Tollywood actors are ready to become anchors or award show host, if the money is good.

Earlier only senior actors such as Naga Babu, Roja, K Raghavendra Rao, Nagarjuna and Chiranjeevi were brought in to host the shows. However, with the changing times, even the top actors are now brought on board, as the TRP ratings look promising. This started with Bigg Boss team bringing in Jr.Ntr, and now Rana too joined the bandwagon to host a show called 'No 1 Yaari with Rana'. Post Baahubali2 success, Rana became household name across India. The ‘No 1 Yaari' makers wanted to cash his craze by bringing him to small screen and making it big among the television audience

Bhallaladeva took to Twitter to announce the same and wrote, "TV a space Ive always been fascinated with, for the first time, direct to your home as TV Host. 'No1 Yaari with Rana' teaser at 5pm #No1Yaari, To celebrate the greatest friendships with your favourite stars, coming to your homes, #No1Yaari with Rana @GeminiTV @McDowellsNo1 #VIU , (Sic)."