Buy One Get One Offer From Manchu Family

There is strong rumor floating around the circles of heroines group, bag one film offer from Manchu’s family and you will definitely get another offer to work with the brother as well irrespective of the hit-flop of the film.

Latest actress to grab this buy one get one offer is Pragya Jaiswal, who had earlier worked with Manchu Manoj in Gunturodu, will be paired with elder brother Vishnu in the actor's new comedy film 'Achari America Yathra'. With this, Pragya will become fourth actress to have romanced the real life brothers in separate films.

Previously, Taapsee, Hansika and Pranitha, who had initially signed for one film in Manchu’s compound, were automatically entitled for another film to pair against other Manchu hero. Going by these trends, the Manchu’s brothers have a very good strategy in place to make use of heroines effectively in their movies.