Chaitanya Shifted Gears After Mega Flop

After tasting a big disaster in the name of “Yuddham Saranam”, Naga Chaitanya had received a mouthful from his dad, Nagarjuna, who was not confident on this movie from Day 1. It is heard that, Nagarjuna expressed his concerns about the movie after listening to the first story narration, but it was Naga Chaitanya, who was assertive on the skills of his friend Krishna Marimuthu and ignored his dad’s suggestions.

Now Chaitanya came back to the ground after seeing the film’s result at the box office and apologized to his dad, Nagarjuna, for not heeding to his advise. As per the sources, Nagarjuna had asked his son to first focus on Maruthi's family drama story instead of Chandu Mondeti's action film, as audience may feel bored to watch Chaitanya in back to back action films.

Chay had already communicated the same to both the directors Maruthi and Chandu Mondeti on the order of the films to be released. Even though he would be shooting for both this films simultaneously, the first movie to get released would be Maruthi’s family drama. Maruthi had already registered one title called 'Manchodu', which is most likely to be used for this film. Naga Chaitanya is getting married to Samantha Ruth Prabhu on 6th October in Goa, after one week he is supposed to the join the shoot of these films.