Charan Is My Brother & Chiru Is My Dad

Today at Rangasthalam success meet, Pawan Kalyan stunned everyone not just with his cooling glasses in the night, but also by kissing Ram Charan on stage and appreciated everyone from the Rangasthalam team on delivering blockbuster film.

“I have heard a lot about Rangasthalam and also read lot of reviews on this movie. People were talking about this not just in India but also in overseas. I was very sure that I want to watch this film only in theatre. In fact, I watched a movie after 20 years in the theatre. Last time I watched a movie in a theatre was "Tholiprema" in Sandhya theatre, but that too I came out after interval as I was uncomfortable. But for this film, I watched it completely and I loved the film”

“After the film, I hugged Ram Charan and kissed him, that much I liked the film. Whenever I used to go to my brother Chiranjeevi’s house, Ram Charan used to greet me with his long beard and rustic lungi, I used to think whether he can pull off this role of villager in Rangasthalam movie, as he had never been to village in his entire life. “

“Charan spent most of his life in Chennai and Hyderabad, away from the village atmosphere. But after I watched this film, Ram Charan awed me with his performance. With this film he became a complete star. I know that this is just a beginning for him and his success will not just be confined to south India but would definitely be spread throughout India in future”

“I think we should absolutely send this film to Oscar’s, it’s not about winning or losing, it’s about showing our culture to the world. Similar to Dangal movie in hindi, Rangasthalam is pure Telugu film which showcases our emotions and feelings aptly and Telugu film industry should come forward and support this film as they have supported Baahubali.

“I usually don’t express my affection in public, but today I want to break this rule. I would like to tell everyone that Ram Charan is not my nephew but my brother. Chiranjeevi and Surekha are my father and mother and Charan is not like my brother but my brother. By the way, I am wearing cooling glasses now in the night, not because of style statement, it’s because I have an eye problem” shared Pawan Kalyan.