Charan Shows How To Treat Fans

Most of the actors have double tongues. They talk a lot about fans in movie related events saying that fans are gods to them and the only reason they are standing on the stage is because of the love of their fans. But, once they come off that stage, they usually don’t stand by their words. When fans come from far off places to meet and have a picture clicked with their favorite actors, most of the times the actors personal guards shoo them away and if the fans are lucky, then actor himself will shoo them away or show their anger on them.

However, there are some set of actors who stand by their words and make sure that their fans do not leave empty-hearted. One such actor is Ram Charan, who is always known to be accommodative to his fans no matter how busy or occupied he is. We have earlier seen how Ram Charan had personally met a little kid who fluently mouthed dialogues from ‘Magadheera’ film.

Similar incident had happened during the shooting of his upcoming film Rangasthalam 1985 across the banks of Godavari, fans had been rushing towards to the shooting spot to meet Ram Charan. In spite of being completely busy with the shooting, the actor not just made sure to appear before his fans but also spotted a lady fan who is unable to walk, took a photo with her and made sure that she is dropped at her home in his personal vehicle.