Dil Raju Started Damage Control Process

Producer Dil Raju is currently busy with the arrangements of the trailer release of his 25th film, 'Duvvada Jagannadham' that is happening at today evening 7:30 PM. He is doing everything he could to make this milestone memorable in his film career. He had personally invited all the film directors who have worked under his banner till date to the trailer release event.

On this happy occasion, the producer in not interested in having any controversy to effect his milestone movie and decided to end the debate over the use of “Namakam Chamakam” in the song “Gudilo Badilo”. He had already asked the lyric writer Sahithi to make the necessary changes in the lyrics before the submission of the film to the censor board.

On the other hand, the representatives of Brahmin associations had earlier submitted their formal complaints to Censor Board and government representatives over the use of devotional words in the romantic song of this movie. They had warned the producer and director to get ready to face their ire in the coming days, if the appropriate changes are not made accordingly.