Director Asks Actress to Leave Film Industry

Kangana Ranaut created a new controversy by calling Karan Johar the 'flag bearer of nepotism' and ‘movie mafia’ in his show Koffee with Karan. Eventhough the director did not react much at that point of time, in the recent interview he lashed out Kangana Ranaut

Karan was quite upset with Kangana's remarks against him as 'movie mafia' claiming that he chose not to work with the actress because of his personal opinion. 

"What does she mean by ‘movie mafia’? What does she think we are doing? Sitting here and not giving her work? Is that what makes us mafia? We do that by our choice. I do that because may be I am not interested to work with Kangana and that does not make me movie mafia, it makes me a man with an opinion," he said.

He concluded by saying that kangana should quit the industry, if she had so many complaints with it. 

"I am done with Kangana playing the victim card at every given point of time with a sad story to tell about being terrorized by the bad people in the industry; if it’s so bad, leave it," he criticized.