Director Calls Hero As Bikini Babe

It all started with karan johar wishing tiger shroff happy birthday by posting his shirtless pic saying "Happy birthday Tiger Shroff!!!!! Have the best year!!!! Loads of love !!!!!"

RGV soon took this tweet to next level by comparing tiger shroff with bikini babe in series of his tweets saying "Tiger Shroff U are great at martial arts but if BRUCE LEE ever posed like a bikini babe like u he wouldn't hav bcm BRUCE LEE..Please think"

He later went on with his tweet spree posting " Tiger Shroff Please learn machoism from Jackie Shroff who even without martial arts poses more like a man and never like this. u might have a six pack of muscle groups better than Jackie Shroff but his eyes and body language have far better many groups"

So that's how tiger shroff on his birthday got trolled by the twitter strokes of RGV.