Director Demanded Sex For Vijay Deverakonda’s Film

In a recent interactive session on social media, Tamil actress Shalu Shamu made some shocking revelations that she was asked for sexual favors by one of a famous director, who is going to direct Vijay Deverakonda in an upcoming flim. The actress also said that she had faced several such instances of abuse and harassment over the years in the industry.

The actress, who was recently seen in Sivkarthikeyan's Mr Local, said that she had her fair share of struggles for the movie roles. Shalu Shamu shared that she was asked for sexual favors not just by small time directors but also by well known directors. The actress said she turned them down, but she wouldn't complain this to anyone as she knows how to handle herself.

She revealed, "Even I have come across #metoo but I don’t wanna complain regarding tis coz I know to handle myself as a grown-up kid. Very recently I got an approach from a famous director to sleep with him to get a choice in his new movie with Vijay Deverakonda . In case I complain, what is the use? Do you think the opponent party is going to accept it wholeheartedly? Crazy world ."