Director Unhappy With Jr.Ntr's Film Getting Award

Director Tharun Bhaskar, who made a directorial debut with “Pelli Choopulu” last year, expressed his anguish over IIFA 2017 awards. He was upset that the award ceremony did not bother to appreciate the true talent but instead just focused on giving it to highly paid actors and technicians. Except for Priyadarsi who was picked up as Best Comedian, None of the Cast and Crew of “Pelli Choopulu” got any award. He kept lot of hopes on wining the “Best Picture” award but disappointed with the award given to “Janatha Garage”

He expressed in anger on his facebook post saying "Although, I'm super happy for Darshi I honestly thought we'd be appreciated slightly more for the work we've done as a team but I was disappointed to realise that these shows only exist for TV and are merely only making money. I'm not being a sour loser, I would walked out with my head held high if Kshanam bagged most awards as it would only show that the awards are genuine appreciation for cinematic excellence in Telugu films. No, we still look at pleasing the hierarchy, afraid to pat a small film's back and continue to glorify pure stardom. Why will I be interested to make a sync sound film with a story that makes sense anymore ? What's the point of trying to experiment as a filmmaker in this language if experiments are least regarded even though it breaks a box office. I'm genuinely happy for the Kannada awards where the films were awarded based genuinely on story, direction & acting. Probably, I looked at the wrong way for validation. Nevertheless, I've come to make some strong desicions. I'm not going to give into stardom ever to make my films more marketable and acceptable and I will always keep experimenting." He posted.

May be this was the main reason that “Pelli Choopulu” hero Vijay Deverakonda did not come on to the stage, when Jr.NTR specifically asked Vijay to come on to the stage at IIFA awards Utsavam 2017