Directors Fighting to Make Fighter’s Biopic

Bollywood Director, Shekhar Kapur had announced that he would be directing “Little Dragon,” an authorized biopic of martial arts legend Bruce Lee. The film is produced on the Banner of Bruce Lee Entertainment, a company operated by Lee’s daughter Shannon Lee. Pre-production work had started and the regular shooting of the film will commence from July in Malaysia, U.S and Hong Kong.

Now another director Ram Gopal Varma also announced that he would be making a movie on Bruce Lee as he knows everything about Bruce Lee more than his daughter Shannon Lee and his wife Linda Lee. He had also revealed a post saying “Bruce Lee Is The One And Only Who I Loved More Than Sex”

“Just because of my devotional worship of Bruce Lee I am going to make his biopic and release it same time as Shekar kapur's authorised one. I have nothing against Shekar kapoor who I admire immensely but it's just my obsessive fascination for Bruce Lee. Inspite of closeness of family and brilliance of @shekharkapur i believe only I can do justice to do his biopic. I know tremendously more about Bruce Lee than his daughter Shannon Lee, his wife Linda Lee and Shekar Kapoor” said Ram Gopal Varma.