Director's Wife Says She Hated Jr. NTR's Film

Rajamouli's wife Rama Rajamouli revealed that she does not like “Yamadonga” directed by her husband, but added that the film still could do well and turned out to be a commercial success because of Jr.NTR only.

“I don’t know the reasons but, I don’t like that film at all, but Tarak is good, and maybe he is only reason the film didn’t flop” She said.

Speaking on her son Karthikeya she told “I don’t think Karthikeya will become a director, as he can’t focus on one thing for a long time. And to become a director, that is the most important quality you should have. So I do not think my son can become a good director, even though he is intelligent, hardworking and is of full of energy. He is like Kumbhakarna, he does not sleep if there is work and if there is no work he will not get up from his bed and it becomes torture for me to wake up him from his bed when he sleeps”

About her daughter, “Mayuka hates coming to film shooting the most, but she likes singing” shared the proud mother.