Dirty Picture Star Met With An Accident

“The Dirty Picture” actress Vidya Balan recently met with a car accident while she was on her way to Bandra in Mumbai. According to the onlookers, another car bumped into Vidya’s car from behind and damaged it badly. The impact of the accident was in such a way that Vidya Balan's Mercedes-Benz E-Class bumper and dicky was thoroughly destroyed during the collision.

However, the airbags were activated on time and the actress and her driver escaped from this mishap without any injuries. Immediately the actress called her husband, who sent another car to pick her up from the accident spot. Meanwhile Vidya’s driver informed the police and lodged a complaint on the people who crashed into their car.

Vidya Balan had been going through bad phase in both her personal and professional life lately. On the career front, she had been delivering consistent flops one after the other and apart from this, her tussle with directors such as Kamaluddin Mohammed had put her into the front-page news. Lets just hope that Vidya’s struggling days would come to end soon.