Fans Enjoy The Slap Of Balayya

Some people in film industry just go on and on to do their hero bhajana and don’t know when to put breaks to their speech. Puri Jagannadh is one such director, who after getting consecutive flops in his career got an opportunity to direct a star hero after a long time. He is trying very hard to impress the hero by praising him at any given opportunity without knowing when to stop and in turn making a fool of himself.

“Today, I have seen news in media saying that Balayya babu had slapped someone. The media people do not know how much the fans enjoy when Balayya babu slaps them. Balayya likes to beat people when there is any change in the area of common sense. Balayya Babu had different type of relationship with his fans and Remember this, if Balayya babu again slaps his fans then that is love story so don’t take it seriously” told Puri Jagannadh

Instead of giving a simple justification saying that the slap incident should not have been happened, Puri Jagannadh, in yesterday’s "Paisa Vasool" audio launch event, had tried to defend Balakrishna’s act by giving meaningless justification saying “Fans love to be slapped by Balayya babu”. This statement from him has now given scope for huge debate among fans and anti fans, there by spoiling the name Balakrishna.