Flop Act Of Rana And Nani In IIFA 2017

The second edition of IIFA (International Indian Film Academy Awards) Utsavam Awards was held with great fun and enjoyment at Hyderabad International Convention Centre on 29 March 2017. The function is celebrated to commemorate the best of South India’s film industries comprising Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada.

Rana Daggubati and Nani hosted the second day of award function where the awards were given for Telugu and Kannada film industries. While they both tried to evoke laughter among the crowds. Once incident had played a spoilsport for them.

On Stage, Nani asked Rana why he is not getting married; in reply, Rana told that after marriage you can’t have fun and your life gets restricted. Nani countered rana saying that he is covering the matter with silly logics, whereas the main reason is that no women wants to marry him.

They both had an argument on stage about whom girls like to marry among the two. They decided to walk down to the audience and ask the heroines about whom they like to have as their husband between the two.

They had a glowing ball with them, which was supposed to glow green or blue when any women placed their hand on that ball. If the ball is lit with green color when touched then the women wants a man like Rana to be her husband and if the ball is lit blue when touched then the women wants a man like Nani as her husband.

They first took the ball to Rakul Preeth Singh and she placed both her hands on the ball, but there was no light. Next, they went to Pragya Jaiswal and again when she touched there was no light on the ball. Finally cursing the ball, next, they took to Surabhi, but as usual, there was no light in the ball when she put her hands on it.

Realizing that the ball is not properly configured and is not working, they stopped the act and returned to the backstage.