From today, I Love you Ravi Prakash!

Whenever Bandla Ganesh is given mike at audio events, audience love to hear his speech. Especially if the event is related to Pawan kalyan then there is no stopping for his praises on Pawan Kalyan.

Similar incident happened at Katamarayudu prerelease function today. Before given mike to Bandla Ganesh, TV9 Ravi Prakash came on the stage and said that he had also became fan of Pawan Kalyan and he would definitely want to see Pawan Kalyan playing an active role in politics and would want the youth to take inspiration from this trustworthy gentleman.

So when Bandla Ganesh came on to the stage after Ravi Prakash, He said “I used to earlier hate TV9 Ravi Prakash, whenever I used to have problem I used go to NTV chowdhary as I don’t like you, But today after listening your speech here about Pawan Kalyan, I have changed my mind. From now, I will love you Ravi Prakash garu until end of my life. Your speech on Pawan Kalyan had increased my heart rate and blood pressure to 150, I didn’t know that you had such an wonderful opinion on Pawan Kalyan, I love you. My Name is Bandla Ganesh and my god is Pawan Kalyan”