Funny Memes On Samantha's Emotions

Samantha Ruth Prabhu, who is lively and cheerful in nature, had turned emotional on D Day when she entered into wedlock with her long time beau Naga Chaitanya. Soon the picture in which Samantha was seen crying started trending in the social media. While some netizens had been touched with Samantha’s emotional side, others started creating memes using that photograph.

One such meme that is impressing everyone is the meme of SJ Surya in background looking extremely happy while watching Samantha’s tears. In Mahesh Babu's latest film “Spyder”, the main villain SJ Surya has an addiction of watching people cry. He fells happy and elated when someone starts crying.

Even though, “Spyder” bombed at the box office, SJ Surya’s performance in that film was lauded by both audience and critics. Now twitterati is using him in designing creative memes as and when they are getting the chance. As soon as Samantha’s weeping picture was released online, they had the field day in virally transmitting this Samantha- Surya funny meme, which is now traveling from person to person quickly through social media.