Harish Says, He Will Stop Making Movies

Duvvada Jagannadham is giving sleepless nights for all the people involved in that film. While the director Harish Shankar and Hero Allu Arjun are busy slamming all the reviewers who had given low ratings, their PR is busy controlling the damage and releasing the movie collections as the answer.

Even though director and hero claim that their movie is blockbuster, but no one is mood to enjoy the success as many fingers were pointed on them about their fake collections. Fed-up with these constant trolling, Harish Shankar released only Nizam collections today morning and said that if anyone proves them as wrong, he will no longer make movies

“#DuvvadaJagannadham is 1st 20cr film for @alluarjun and 2nd 20cr film for @harish2you in Nizam. Here is the area wise breakup for 13 days.If any one proves this wrong, I will stop making movies or else they should shut down their website” tweeted Harish Shankar

This tweet again invited lot of criticism from the netizens asking him to concentrate more on making good movies rather than focusing more on boasting these collections “anna enti e fire? ... e fire yedo movies meda pettochu ga. Anna nuv Director ane visayam marchipoyi ee range Fans Godavalu avasarama? GS tarvata Hit ledu mundu dani meeda concentrate chei.”