Heroine Says Don’t You Have Mothers & Sisters

Actress Jyothika Saravanan had given very good ideological speech at the audio release function event of her movie Magalir Mattum. She gave the list of do’s and don’ts to the directors on how they should portray women in their films

“I have a message for big film directors. Please give some dignity to women in your films. Treat them like the women in your family like mother, sister and friends. Heroes have a large fan following and their onscreen roles make a major impact on the youth. So we are very socially responsible for what is happening to women in India. Cinema has a big impact on youth. Please don’t portray women as bimbos. At least make women in your films look smart and don’t degrade them with double entendres, and vulgar introduction scenes. And don’t show it is ok for heroes to have three or four girlfriends as it will influence the youngsters. Stop showing them as someone who will shamelessly go behind the heroes, constantly confessing their love. Please stop these” said Jyothika

While people are lauding her speech, they are also questioning her saying why such statements only at the promotional events of her film? If she really want to see actress in respectable roles in the films, why can’t she force her husband Suriya and brother-in-law Karthi to follow that in their films so that the change would start from their family. We have seen many items songs in her husband and brother in law movies, where women are shown as Bimbo and even in her husband’s most recent film, Singam 3, Suriya was seen romancing multiple heroines and Shruthi hassan was shown shamelessly going behind Suriya and confessing her love.

As Mahatma Gandhi said “'Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”  First, please start the same within your family and then preach it to others instead of giving the statements at promotional events and forgetting about that after some time.