Heroine says

Raashi Khanna who is currently busy shooting Touch Chesi Chudu and #NTR27 films is donning multiple hats. She revealed that she would be venturing into production very soon.

She quoted “I will be venturing into production with this small effort of mine for something that is really close to my heart this Woman's Day.  It's based on the simplest and quietest revolution of believing in oneself.  I hope this thought inspires and transforms you to be the best version of yourself.  Keep showering your love and support like you always do. Love you all & thank you."

Not stopping there, she went ahead and wrote a poem as well

"I am not the size of my jeans, 

I am the size of my smile.

I am not a number on a weighing machine,

I am the strength that I carry.

I am not the complexion I am born with,

I am the blush on my cheek.

I am not the patches on my skin,

I am the scars I have endured.

I am not the length of my dress,

I am the beauty that blazes within.

I am not a type you want me to fit in,

I am beyond your comprehension.

I am courage, I am fire, I am a burning desire.

I am not who you want me to be,

I am who I am."