How Did You Miss This Simple Logic Sudheer?

Telugu Actor Sudheer Babu, tried to troll a person who was riding a bike with toothbrush in his mouth. He posted a selfie video of that guy on his twitter page saying “Don't drink n drive at the same time don't brush while riding a bike even if that saves time.” and he taught it was funny.

What was not funny is that, the hero didn’t have common sense to not to take a selfie video while driving a car. Our police department are frequently conducting campaigns and requesting people not to use mobile phone while driving as it can lead to dangerous accidents on the road, but our superstar Mahesh Babu’s brother in law went one-step ahead and took selfie video while driving his car and heroically posted that on social media as if he had done a great thing.

People who had seen this video are questioning, if the celebrity and a public figure is behaving irresponsibly, what message does it send to other people. They are asking police whether the actor actions would be addressed appropriately or will police ignore this incident since he is from influential family background.