I Don't Want To Be Like Prabhas

Prabhas had become talk of the nation after the release of his epic movie “Baahubali: The Conclusion”. He is not only giving sleepless nights to girls but also became inspiration for many young men who were awestruck with his physique and manliness. However, there are still people in film industry who do not want to take inspiration from Prabhas Bahubali-body

During the VIP2 promotional event, Tamil actor Dhanush was questioned by journalists about his lean body and was asked whether he wants to take inspiration from Prabhas and bulk-up in weight. In response, Dhanush straight away refused to be like Prabhas and said that audience like to see him only in thin shape.

“No, being thin is my strength. I am really serious. If you step out on the road, you will see hundred people like me. They all relate with me. I am their representative. Therefore, I have to really choose my roles. I know my strengths but I know my weaknesses also. So I have to wait for the right script to do justice to the film and box office as well.” replied Dhanush