I Took 4 Days For Single Expression In JJN

Jagapathi Babu, who got another life by Boyapati Srinu with Legend movie, shared how difficult it is to satisfy the director in Boyapati Srinu. He shared his experience of working with Srinu in the upcoming film Jaya Janaki Nayaka.

In the audio launch event of Jaya Janaki Nayaka, Jagapathi Babu revealed that he took 4 days and 20 takes for a single expression in this film and this was the longest time he took for any expression in his entire career. He asked audience to find out which expression he was talking about after watching the film

"Boyapati Srinu used behave like a headmaster in the sets and would explain us the scene in his own style. We used to stand in a queue every day to hear the scene from our head master Boyapati and his explanation itself throws a challenge to all of us. For one particular punch line, he made me repeat it number of times, as he was not happy. It took me 20 takes over four days to make him happy and I will reveal about that scene in success meet of the movie. As we know his dedication and passion, everyone in the unit respected and supported him." shared Jagapathi Babu