I Was Rejected, Because I Am Indian

Priyanka Chopra, who had been struggling to make her career in American showbiz, had dropped racist bomb as the reason behind not getting much needed break in Hollywood. She revealed these details while she gave a guest appearance at the TIFF Soiree organized by Toronto International Film Festival, where she spoke about her career in Bollywood, before entering into Hollywood with TV series Quantico and the movie Baywatch.

“When the opportunity came my way, I saw it as an opportunity to break the ceiling for actors that look like me… Once I was asked not to be a part of a cast because I was too ethnic… I didn’t realise how hard it was until I came to North America”

"You can understand how hard and few and far between these opportunities are. But it's got to take people like us to stand out there, dig our heels in and say we're not going to stand for it anymore. It's not easy - when you come into entertainment being a woman.”

“You've got to pull your socks up for a fight. No one's going to hand it out to you, whether it's credit, whether it's parts, whether it is the ability to make movies. My role in Quantico was not written for an Indian girl. I’ve had people take away films from me because I might not have agreed with them.” said Priyanka on the red carpet.