Is Your Daughter A Sheep? Kamal Haasan

When everybody is going gaga over Baahubali 2, Kamal Hassan does not look to be much impressed with the film. In a recent interview, he quoted saying that Baahubali is nothing but a rehash of Mahabharata and Tamil fantasy TV series Ambuli Mama. Also when the actor was asked about the pressure Baahubali success had put on the Indian actors, the actor replied saying “That’s the exact route sheep would take – go with the herd. I’m no sheep. I’m not the shepherd too. I am a different animal”.

Fans of Baahubali felt that Kamal Hassan was not happy with the stupendous success of Telugu film and tried to downplay it. They are trolling the actor saying "In that case based on your logic; your daughter (Shruti Haasan) is the first sheep to follow Baahubali, as she is playing the lead role in historical drama “Sanghamithra” which is in the similar lines of Baahubali"

“Why don’t you first enlighten your daughter on not following the sheep route of Baahubali? And educate her saying your family does not come from sheep’s and you are altogether different breed of animals. When your daughter itself is following the herd, it is silly for you to give such boasting statements”.

"Also most of your films are photocopies of Hollywood stories, then why didn’t your films see similar success of Baahubali? For example, your most talked film, “Anbe Sivam” had copied the story directly from Hollywood movie “Planes, Trains And Automobiles” but it did not stop you from making that film eventhough it was not your original idea. When you yourself are copying from Hollywood movies then why such jealousy on other’s movie as if all your stories are original?" Need to see how the actor responds to the fans criticism.