It’s not Nargajuna, But RGV is real Mentalist

Director Ram Gopal Varma announced that he will be directing actor Akkineni Nagarjuna once again after nearly 25 years for a yet-untitled Telugu "realistic action" film. Both of them earlier worked together for three films : Shiva, Antham and Govinda Govinda, when Ram Gopal Varma was in his peak creative period.

"I am extremely excited that I am doing a film with Nagarjuna after nearly 25 years but contrary to some uninformed media speculations, this new film is nothing to do with 'Shiva', neither in character nor in story content. It's a very different but an extremely realistic action film set against a story such as neither me nor Nagarjuna has ever done before," shared RGV

Everyone was surprised with this sudden announcement from RGV and Nagarjuna, thinking how did Ram Gopal Varma, whose career had gone to dogs because of the continuous flop movies, had hypnotized Nagarjuna and signed him for this film. Industry insiders are now commenting that, “Even though Nagarjuna is playing the role of mentalist in Raju Gari Gadhi 2, Ram Gopal Varma is the real mentalist, who can use hypnosis, telepathy and other freaky mental games to make anyone agree to him”