#JaiLavaKusa Teaser Leaked!

Teaser leaks had now become latest trend in Tollywood. Earlier Prabhas "Sahoo" teaser was leaked much ahead of its release date and now latest addition to the list is Jr. Ntr’s “Jai Lava Kusa”. Teaser of this movie is scheduled for release on 5th July, but was leaked yesterday night on social media by anonymous persons.

Soon fans and anti-fans started sharing the teaser across the social media and whatsapp groups. It is sad to see that even the fans of Jr. NTR had been sharing this video among their circles. Immediately the makers came to know about this and confirmed the news on twitter "Some of the culprits who have leaked content from #JaiLavaKusa have been identified and arrested. More details will be out tomorrow” tweeted NTR Arts' official account

Eventhough makers are trying to remove the video, it is now availabe everywhere in the social media due to overenthusiastic fans. It is heard that the makers will be releasing the official teaser much ahead of it scheduled date due to this goof up. The movie is slated for release on 21st September.