Jr NTR Photo is Going Viral in America

Telugu Film Industry is altogether different from other industries. Fans here will not just forget about the movie after watching it. They get attached to the Hero. They will not take a word against their hero when someone comments about them. They always support their hero for getting huge collections and creating massive records. They take it to their hearts, worship the heroes, and treat them as god.

One such incident had been reported in Midwestern town in USA, where fans of Jr NTR have pasted his photo on their car windows. People who does not know about Jr NTR were seen enquiring about this photo.

Jr NTR who had proved himself in Acting, Dialogue Delivery and Dances had emerged successfully out of Nandamuri clan and created his own following. He will definitely be happy to hear the kind of place his fans have given to him not just in India, but wherever they are – they do not miss an opportunity to display the affection towards their favorite hero.