Jr.NTR Started Acting Weird Because Of JLK

Jr.NTR's elder brother Kalyan Ram went on praising his brother on the dedication and effort put by Jr. NTR for Jai Lava Kusa movie. He shared that Jr.NTR's performance in this film can be compared to Sr.NTR’s Danaveerasurakarna's performance and also said that Jr.NTR would definitely receive national award for this film and he will speak more at that function.

Apart from praising Jr.NTR continuously, Kalyan Ram had also shared one personal incident where Jr.NTR started behaving weirdly at his home that had frightened Jr. NTR’s wife Pranathi, “'I want to share one personal incident to make everyone understand how much had Tarak went inside the skin of the characters in Jai Lava Kusa. One day at 3 AM in the morning, Tarak suddenly got up from bed and started sleepwalking by uttering some dialogues while stammering.

“He walked towards the window of the room, opened the window and placed his leg outside of it and injured himself with a broken window glass piece. Next day I came to know about this incident through my sister in law Pranathi, who was very scared to see Tarak’s weird behavior. I went to Tarak and asked him to take a break of one week so that he can come back to normal. However, he was reluctant towards that idea as the film release date was very near and he don’t want to disturb the shooting schedules because of him” shared Kalyan Ram