Jury Says Murugadoss Makes 3rd Grade Films

AR Murugadoss who had earlier accused 64th National Awards Jury head, Director Priyadarshan, of being biased in the selection Awards winners, got a shocking reply from Priyadarshan asking him to go to hell and he is third grade director.

Priyadarshan replied saying 'Jury's Decision is final. Go to hell. Murugadoss might be upset for not being able to obtain call sheets of Akshay Kumar despite making attempts. He seems to be exhibiting jealousy in this manner'.

The Jury head even went ahead and told that he did not take the remarks of Murugadoss seriously as this Tamil Director only made third-rated action films so far. According to him, the allegation made by Murugadoss does not have any value what so ever.  

“I respect Adoor Gopalakrishnan (he had criticized the selection of the jury members), because he got Phalke award and so many international awards, and he had proved himself as a great film-maker. His opinion has value. However, someone who has not done any good in their life (hinting at Murugadoss), who has only made third-rate action films, have no right to comment on intellectual cinema. Frankly, I have not seen any of his movies, apart from Ghajini. When I asked people around, I was told the word of a person like him has to be ignored.” said Priyadarshan.

In response, Murugadoss tried to defend his opinion by saying that it is not just his opinion but the opinion of all the Indians: 'Mr.Jury, It's not only my opinion...it's the voice of whole Indian audience, better not to argue & dig out the truth'.