Keeravani Agrees That He is Brainless

Baahubali Music Director, MM Keeravani started controversy again. This time he posted sarcastic comments on Tammareddy Bharadwaj while deleting his old tweets which said he is vexed of working with brainless directors.

Industry big head Tammareddy Bharadwaj wondered why MM Keeravani had given such a statement in spite of working with wonderful directors such as Viswanath , K Raghavendra Rao, Dasari and Mahesh Bhatt. 'It's not right on the part of Keeravani to make such a statement. As a Fan, I got hurt with it!,' he told.

Frustrated Keeravani responded with his statement saying ”Deleted the tweets according to TB word of advice. After all We are for ever students and do mistakes. Ppl like TB are there to correct us. Suddenly I realised that all the directors- ALL ( I emphasise ) genius and humble. It was only me the brainless all the time. ALL are creative and down to earth. Except me.”

“Just now some one couriered me a dictionary in which the meaning for arrogance reads MMK. I will humbly go through the whole book. All the directors in the world are greattttt I am dying to work with them all. But as I am an old brainless Conposer , expecting least”

 “With in FIVE MINUTES my brainless brain was washed by TB. Endharo mahaanubhaavulu, ANDHARIKEE vandhanamulu. Thanks once again to TB and Thyagayya gariki Dhanyavaadhamulu” He shared.