Kollywood Doesn't Like Mahesh's Heroism

A R Murugadoss, who is gearing up for the release of his Telugu-Tamil bilingual film “Spyder” with Mahesh Babu, had shared details about his experience with Mahesh Babu while shooting for this film.

“Even though Mahesh Babu is superstar in Tollywood, I can’t show him in larger than life character portraying heroism to the Tamil audience, they would straight away reject that. Unlike Tollywood, Kollywood focuses more on story rather than heroism. So just for the sake of Tollywood audience, I created some heroism shots for Mahesh Babu with some low angle shots using slow motion so that Telugu audience would be happy and in Tamil version I focused more on the story, which is the major backbone for this film”

“During my entire journey with “Spyder” movie, one thing I came to know is that remakes and straight films are much easier than bi-lingual. Its like I am shooting for two different films at the same time. When I feel happy that I got the right shot for Tamil after seven attempts, the thought of repeating that scene again for Telugu language would sent me shivers” shared A R Murugadoss.