Kota And Brahmanandam Refused To Act With Me

Famous Tollywood comedian, Babu Mohan had revealed some of the shocking secrets in film industry which he had come across. He said that there is lot of unhealthy competition between comedians and shared one such incident saying that when he was getting lot of recognition and offers in film industry, his colleagues Kota Srinivasa Rao and Brahmanandam refused to act with him.

“Kota was jealous after I became MLA and seeing me coming to shooting spot with my gunmen’s. He could not digest the fact that a junior actor to him became an MLA and was unhappy. He came to me one day and said that I also want to contest in elections with BJP ticket. After that, he won in election and became an MLA. He used to mock me saying, look even I have gunmen's now. When we both entered into assembly, our seats were allocated at different benches. Kota used to call me and request me to sit beside him in assembly. After I became minister, I Told him sarcastically that you are now MLA and I am minister now, you have to sit in backbench and I have sit in front row. After me becoming cabinet mister, Kota understood that he cannot become minister with BJP ticket and left the politics”

“Brahmanandam is the silent killer; we don’t know when he stabbed you, until blood comes out. He knows how to play politics and outsmart you in any kind of situation. We used to even write poem on Brahmanandam tactics and cunningness. I got vexed with all the opportunism in film industry and went into politics, joined TDP and became minister.” shared Babu Mohan