Like Father, Like Son

There is old proverb saying “Like Father, Like Son” - Fathers and sons resemble each other, and sons tend to do what their fathers did before them. A son will have traits similar to his father upon reaching adulthood.This proverb holds true for Baahubali as well, as both father (Amarendra Baahubali) and son (Mahendra Baahubali) fall for women who are good fighters.

In Baahubali : The beginning, it is shown that Shivudu alias Mahendra Baahubali falls for Avanthika, who is rebellious warrior, whose group is in frequent war against the king Bhallala Deva of the Mahishmati Kingdom.

In Baahubali: The conclusion, it is shown that Amarendra Baahubali falls for another fighter Devasena, whose fighting skills were shown in “Baahubali: The conclusion” trailer.

Was this coincidental or planned? Only Rajamouli can answer this question. However, it shows that Amarendra and Mahendra has the same attitudes and also behave in the same way