Mahesh Babu Became Mr.Chilipi

Mahesh Babu - Murugadoss upcoming film 'Spyder' had reached its final stage of shooting, with just one more song remaining to be shot. Fans of Mahesh Babu are eagerly waiting for the teaser and had been keeping tremendous pressure on the director Murugadoss to release the same. They had been posting on his social media page everyday asking about teaser release date.

Instead of releasing the teaser, the director had tried to calm the fans by releasing a funny video of Mahesh Babu on the sets of Spyder where Mahesh was seen pinching the cheeks of the assistant director while Murugadoss was seen saying that there are lot of people waiting for that opportunity of getting their cheeks pinched by Mahesh Babu.

The video has already gone viral on the social media and is keeping Mahesh Babu fans occupied for some time so that they do not go back and ask the director for the teaser. Meanwhile the Spyder team is working on the releasing the teaser by this month end. The movie will hit the screens worldwide on September 29.

@urstrulyMahesh funniest moment with Assistant director on #SPYDER set

— A.R.Murugadoss (@ARMurugadoss) July 12, 2017